As fuel poverty rises, property owners need to plan for the winter

As we enjoy a hot (ish!) summer with very little need for our heating to be switched on, it’s hard to imagine that in just a few short months many people across Scotland will not be able to stay warm in their own homes. With fuel poverty rising rapidly, property owners need to start preparing for the winter now to ensure that their tenants aren’t left in the cold as the temperature drops. 

When ‘Fuel Poverty’ is typed into Google, the official dictionary definition is: The condition of being unable to afford to keep one’s home adequately heated. It’s a necessity that most people in this country would take for granted, however 23.7% of people in Scotland are affected by fuel poverty.

Unfortunately, this statistic from the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) is just the tip of the iceberg. The research shows there’s been an even more significant rise of those in social housing experiencing fuel poverty with 39% of social homes falling into this category. Considering this, property owners must ensure they have provided a safe environment for their tenants to live in. 

Here at iOpt, our technology enables us to help managers of large residential property portfolios to monitor the environment of their assets remotely. This includes monitoring temperature, enabling property owners to help identify and support vulnerable tenants who may be struggling with fuel poverty.

“Our remote working high tech sensors have the ability to potentially help property owners pre-empt fuel poverty issues for their tenants,” Dane Ralston, iOpt’s founder and managing director, explained. “Our product is designed for anybody who owns or manages over 500 residential properties including some Social Housing providers who will be working with many of those who are affected by this major issue.”

“One of the key benefits of our product is that we are helping property owners to protect the health of their tenants. Our technology will enable us, along with property owners, to make a significant difference around fuel poverty and tenant health. Now, with fuel poverty on the rise, property owners need to pay more attention than ever before to the dangers their tenants face and the solutions readily available to them, which we can help with.”

With the Scottish Government committed to tackling fuel poverty and making homes warmer and more energy-efficient through the development of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Bill, iOpt can help to make the government’s target of no more than 5% of Scottish households in fuel poverty by 2040 a reality.

“Initiatives such as the Scottish Fuel Poverty Bill will make a long-term difference in tackling fuel poverty in all its forms across the country,” Dane added. “In the short term, there is a lot property owners and managers could be doing right now to ensure their tenants stay warm this winter. The first thing they can do is give us a call and we can help them implement our technology which will help them put into place preventative measures, so they never have to worry about their tenants living with the effects of fuel poverty.”

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Mark Newell