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iOpt monitors property via the internet of things giving property managers early warning of environmental and social issues allowing early stage intervention.

What we do

iOpt has developed a unique set of high quality, yet affordable, sensors that monitor your property assets.

These sensors, normally, in 3 - 4 rooms per standard house, send their data to the cloud where iOpt experrts analyse it.

When we detect any immediate conditions, outliers or patterns/trends that indicate a problem we send you an alert telling you what we suspect is happening and how long until its becomes critical. For example, high humidity at 22 Arran court, expect mould growth within 2 months.

“Cutting edge data analytics are used to maximise the information available from your assets allowing you to intelligently deploy your resources to maximum effect thus reducing cost.”

With the alert will come a link that will take you directly to your asset page allowing you to study the data in detail and download it if required.

From here you can decide what to do, when to do it and justify why you are doing it, all whilst efficiently deploying limited resources and saving money.



There are four key benefits to monitoring your property with an iOpt product.
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iOpt work with a variety of sectors to predict and prevent damage to property.
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Why we exist

iOpt and the internet of things will be a real game changer for the housing sector.
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