Whether you’re looking to reduce your reactive maintenance budget, make sure your building and tenants are healthy or simply reduce insurance premiums, iOpt has the solution for you.

iOpt delivers accurate, real time and most importantly relevant information allowing asset managers to make faster, earlier and better decisions for proactive predictive interventions rather than reactive expensive ones.

Social Housing

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Fuel Poverty Detection

  • Predict mould growth

  • Vulnerable Persons monitoring

  • Occupancy level monitoring

  • Illegal Use

Proactive Maintenance

Constant monitoring of the conditions that directly impact many of the long term issues that effect tens of thousands of properties allows managers to intervene early in cases that if left would cost significantly more than if tackled early.

Predict mould growth
Real time 24/7 monitoring of the relevant environmental factors allows iOpt to predict mould growth before it impacts the building fabric.

Vulnerable persons
Temperature and high moisture alerts can be set to inform landlords when health is at risk in particular in winter months.

Occupancy levels
Alerts can be sent when a void property has been detected or if previously empty properties now have unauthorised occupants.

System used to monitor effectiveness of energy efficiency

System used to monitor effectiveness of energy efficiency

Illegal activity
Cannabis farms or similar can cause huge amounts of damage in a very short space of time. iOpt analytics can detect them early.

Fuel poverty detection
Our smart algorithms analyse the available data and suggest when tenants may be in fuel poverty allowing landlords to intervene to protect the property and the tenant.

Easy reliable and safe
Our unique sensors are easily installed in an hour for a whole property. Their design means they blend in well, their low power allows very long battery life and are reliable.

Dundee Waterfront complex render

Dundee Waterfront complex render

Commercial Property

  • Remote property monitoring

  • Business case building

  • Flood alerts

  • User efficiency

  • Staff/tenant health

  • MoD quarters

Private Letting

  • Peace of mind

  • Flood warnings

  • Holiday home monitoring

  • Squatter detection


  • Prevent fraudulent claims

  • Reduce premiums

  • £900M+ paid out in both of the last two years 70% for damp or floods

Health / NHS

  • Bed Blocking vs Send Home data

  • IAQ Indoor Air Quality

  • Patient monitoring

  • Send home affirmation


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