What we do

iOpt has developed a unique service that allows managers of large property portfolios such as social housing to monitor stock that is otherwise difficult to access on a regular basis. This happens in near real time to predict and monitor potential damage to the property or environmental risks to the tenants health.
 Many asset managers have property spread out all over the country

Many asset managers have property spread out all over the country

iOpt sensors monitor the environment within your assets. Normally there are 3-4 sensors per 2/3 bed property.
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The sensors send their data to iOpt where we analyse it utilising the latest data analytics and machine learning techniques.

When we detect any immediate conditions, outliers or patterns/trends that indicate a problem we send you an alert telling you what we suspect is happening and how long until its becomes critical. i.e.

”High humidity and CO2 at 22D Arran Court, expect mould growth within 2 months. Suspected temperature/heating imbalance”
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With the alert will come a link that will take you directly to the asset page allowing you to study the data in detail and download it if required.

From here you can decide what to do, when to do it and justify why you are doing it, all whilst efficiently deploying limited resources and saving money.

The example below was a property that showed extremely high humidity levels due to tenant lifestyle. An alert was generated, the asset manager acted and the resulting estimated cost savings were approximately £4,000 over the following 24 months.... or 8 x ROI.
 Nuaire PIV system installed

Nuaire PIV system installed

The grey line shows the date at which an intervention was made in this real property due to high readings of  humidity and CO2.

The results speak for themselves