Why we exist

Asset managers are trying to protect billions of pounds worth of assets whilst being blind to what is going on inside. iOpt gives you the visibility to make smart, informed business decisions.


Managers of large property portfolios such as social housing stock are under increasing pressure from dwindling resources and deteriorating assets. Trying to manage these assets whilst having no visibility of what goes on inside them is a near impossible task.

Until now technology that would enable better visibility has really only existed in less budget constrained worlds such as aerospace, military or high tech sport such as Formula 1. That is all changing with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT will be a real game changer for the social housing sector. Backed by the UK Government and technology companies the cost of generating, sending, gathering, storing and analysing data has decreased dramatically and the IoT is the outcome.

Low cost hi tech sensors in the properties capture data on a variety of environmental factors that relate to the condition of your asset and it can do it affordably at scale.

The data means can pre-empt maintenance problems such as damp before they arise, vastly reduce the amount of property visits you make, and be much better equipped to spot and support vulnerable tenants who may be struggling with fuel poverty.